Meet Sam ★

Who is Sam Lomaglio?

Long time Berlin resident // Married with kids // Business owner // Philanthropist // Chairman of the Board of Finance

Why I’m Running ★


I’m Ready to Be Berlin’s Next Mayor

Building Upon My Board of Finance Chairmanship Success

  • I’m a fiscal conservative who understand how money flows in and out of Berlin because of my extensive Board of Finance experience
  • The BoF prepares the yearly budget and submits it to the council for approval
  • During my leadership, the Board of Finance properly funded our schools, purchased new police cruisers/fire equipment, paid down debt, and created a rainy day fund WITHOUT RAISING TAXES

My Platform (In a Snapshot)

As a mayoral candidate. my platform is about Berlin Pride. It is about restoring stability, civility, and civil decorum in our town (especially in our public meetings).

My platform is not empty promises, rather it’s about action. I understand that the citizens of Berlin go to work every day to provide the best for their families. Regardless of political affiliation, they all want to entrust their political leaders to:

  • Provide a safe town to live in (support our first responders)
  • Give their kids an affordable, quality education
  • Lead with fiscal responsibility (including tax relief for seniors)

Some Future Forward Ideas to Rekindle Berlin Pride

BUSINESSES: I promise to bring in businesses that’ll help to offset our tax base and set aside a $500,000 grant from our $6 million in federal funds to do a facelift on Farmington Avenue to create an attractive center of town.

FAMILY FUN FOR ALL AGES: I also want to build an accessible Community/Senior Center and to rebuild our historical meeting hour on Worthington Ridge. Imagine year round activities (including Summer concerts) where all residents can enjoy what Berlin has to offer.

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